If you lose your teeth due to cavities, gum disease or oral trauma, it can affect your everyday life and keep you quite disturbed. This is because, you may find it embarrassing to talk to people or to even smile for photos. So, it is very important to look forward to the best dental restorations to restore the lost teeth. If you seem to be searching for a permanent and long-lasting replacement option for your missing tooth, then the best solution is to opt for dental implant therapy. This would truly help to maintain your youthful appearance and restore your natural smile as well.

What is BioHorizons Teeth Xpress

BioHorizons Teeth Xpress is a revolutionary technology that helps partially and completely edentulous patients regain their teeth. It is making a lot of heads turn due to its unmatchable stability that is backed by BioHorizons tapered implants. This way, you would never have to worry about your prosthetic teeth slipping or falling off!

It can be the best decision to opt for BioHorizons Teeth Xpress that makes use of ‘Laser-Lok’ technology. It proves to be quite effective where you do not feel any sort of pain during the procedure. This way, you can also get rid of your uncomfortable dentures that are, most often, ill-fitting and uncomfortable. It has also been designed to function for a lifetime, provided you take good care of your oral health. You can even clean your dental implants the same way you clean your teeth. So, both adults and children can greatly benefit from the procedure without any problem at all. 

Find the ultimate advantages

BioHorizons Teeth Xpress proves to be biocompatible, strong, and lightweight. With the restoration in place, you wouldn’t feel any sort of difference as compared to your natural teeth. It helps a lot to restore, as well as maintain your beautiful smile with implant-supported dentures. 
The procedure takes very less time in comparison to dental implants and the positive result can be expected within a very short period of time. Thus, you can eat any food that you wish to without having to worry about the prosthetic teeth. 
It has got the maximum success rate of 95% where the patients have been able to enjoy their dental health for the rest of their lives. So, being affordable and safe, BioHorizons Teeth Xpress helps to replace damaged teeth in the best way possible. 

It depends on the conditions of the teeth as to whether it needs to be treated with overdentures, gum grafting or even bone grafting. But, choosing BioHorizons Teeth Xpress would be a great decision that would restore your lost teeth and offer excellent oral health for the rest of your life.

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