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Benefits of Ultratooth

Posted by Dr. Matheson on Dec 19 2019, 12:45 AM

Benefits of Ultratooth

Your smile is the best feature that you carry around. Sometimes, you tend to face challenges that may ruin this attractive feature. They may be aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and missing teeth. Missing teeth can impact your smile, teeth function, and mouth aesthetics. It may even affect the way that you express yourself.

Losing your teeth is a natural phenomenon. It may be the result of an injury, decay, dental trauma, or internal tooth decay. Sometimes, teeth, when completely decayed, would require to be extracted. 

Teeth lost because of damage or injury can be replaced with the advances in implant dentistry. Dental implants offer a superior means of replacing your lost or damaged teeth. 

The Natural Implant Process

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is a process that takes place over one or two appointments. The traditional procedure would involve replacing your natural tooth root with an artificial device known as the "implant". The implant would be made out of Titanium material, a harmless metal that can withstand the tissues of the jawbone.

Once surgically embedded into the jawbone, the implant would be attached to an abutment. The abutment acts as a connector between the implant and the new restoration. The artificial tooth would be attached to the abutment restoring the lost tooth. 

And naturally, after having embedding the implant into the jawbone, the patient would be advised to wait for a few weeks before coming in for the next appointment. Until then, the patient would have to wear a temporary crown. 

During the next appointment, the dentist would remove the temporary crown, and replace it with the permanent ones. It is a lengthy process, don't you agree?

Today, implant dentistry has advanced its means of replacing missing teeth with dental implants that can restore the full function of your mouth in a matter of a single dental visit. Dentists now introduce patients with Ultratooth - the only FDA approved immediate dental implant in the market.

What is Ultratooth?

Ultratooth is a single-day tooth replacement strategy that allows the patient to regain the full function of their teeth. The FDA approved product can withstand day-to-day mouth activities such as chewing, biting, laughing, etc. Patients can get back their beautiful smile in only one office visit.

What are the benefits of Ultratooth implants?

The goodness of Ultratooth implants is that they help preserve the natural structure of teeth. Below are some of the many benefits of Ultratooth dental implants:

  • Quick replacement for lost teeth
  • Improves appearance and self-confidence
  • Gives patients a natural smile
  • Enhances bone density
  • Reduces loss of bone
  • A long-lasting replacement for missing teeth

Are you interested in getting a single-day replacement for your missing teeth? Find out more about Ultratooth by requesting an appointment at Matheson Dentistry & Implant Center. Call our office at 480-888-8123 or request an appointment online.

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