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Key Benefits Of Dental Implants

Posted by Dr. Matheson on Nov 27 2019, 02:15 AM

Key Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are helping patients improve their smiles like never before. Implants offer high-quality titanium tooth roots that can be surgically embedded into the jawbone.

Read more to understand more about the benefits of dental implants at Matheson Dentistry, Queen Creek.

1. Improved Appearance

Restoring teeth with dental implants helps improve the overall appearance of the patient's smile. Implants fuse into the jawbone and become a part of the oral cavity offering a permanent mode of restoring teeth. The artificial teeth in the form of a crown or bridge would be attached to the implant.

2. Improves the Speech

Loss of teeth may impair the patient's speech and pronunciation. Poor-fitting restorations may slip from your mouth, making the patient incapable of speaking with confidence. Implants restore all your missing teeth allowing you to speak with confidence and not having to worry about loose restorations.

3. Assures Comfort

Implants are always a better method of replacing teeth. They eliminate signs of discomfort that other types of restorations may cause, ensuring patients of a comfortable way of restoring teeth. 

4. Makes it easier to eat

Restorations such as dentures may make it difficult to chew and bite. While implants offer stability, they function more like your original teeth. This allows patients to eat food with ease and confidence.

5. Boosts Self-esteem

Implants bring back your smile and allow you to feel better about yourself.

6. Improves Oral Health

Wearing dental implants wouldn't require removing or reducing other teeth, which means most of your original teeth remain intact. This helps improve your oral health.

7. Durability and Convenience

Implants are designed to offer strength, durability, and convenience. They also eliminate the inconvenience caused by removable restorations. 

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