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A smile is an integral part of a person’s life. Being able to open-heartedly greet someone with a smile or laughing our hearts out without having to worry about oral issues is a luxury. Not everyone has the perfect set of teeth as oral issues could linger around and ruin one’s smile as well as oral health.
Losing one’s teeth is a huge letdown. Be it cavities, gum diseases, or oral trauma, getting the teeth extracted can directly have a negative influence on the patients’ confidence levels. It also hinders their ability to bite and chew food like they used to prior to losing their teeth. Hence, we give a lot of importance to restoring lost teeth and have helped hundreds of such patients in the past.

What could be the cause of multiple teeth extractions?

Most often, patients lose just one or two teeth due to cavities or injuries. But, in extreme cases, patients end up losing most of their teeth. Some of the causes that lead to such a condition are as follows:
  • Cavities: When you leave your cavities untreated for a considerably long time, they can gradually spread to the adjoining teeth. Before you can take the necessary actions, you could be left with several decayed teeth that can’t be restored, whatsoever.
  • Gum diseases: Periodontitis is one of the most severe oral conditions out there. It can lead to decay of gums, loosening of gum tissues, jawbone deterioration, etc. These factors lead to loosening of the teeth, which eventually fall off if not treated.
  • External trauma: In case of severe oral trauma, the teeth may sustain chipping, cracks, fractures, etc. If they can be restored using veneers, crowns, etc., we would definitely consider it. When they can’t be restored, it is best to get them extracted to save the patient from a whole lot of pain.
  • Old age: Aging can lead to loosening of the teeth due to poor jawbone health. The teeth may start to fall off due to the natural aging process.

Dentures to replace multiple missing teeth

Dentures are prosthetic teeth that are widely used to replace several missing teeth. They are removable, meaning, they can be taken off whenever you wish to, such as cleaning your mouth, cleaning the dentures, sleeping, etc. Their appearance can be customized to perfectly match your smile, offering a perfect fit as well.

Types of dentures

  • Complete dentures:Such dentures are used to replace all the teeth of the mouth. They are made from ceramic and acrylic to replace the teeth and gums, respectively. Together, they form the perfect teeth replacement solution.
  • Partial dentures: Partial dentures are used to replace only a selected few teeth. They are held together by a metal framework and have teeth only at the required positions. They are removable as well.
  • Implant-supported dentures: Implant-supported dentures are similar to conventional ones, but they are supported by dental implants. They have special grooves where the implants perfectly fit into, thereby giving them better anchorage. Implant dentures can give you the confidence to replace your missing teeth and smile like before.
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