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A successful dental practice has to be a combination of quality dental service, well-trained staff, and, state-of-the-art technology. Missing any one of them can make the dental practice lose their patients. Matheson Dentistry is one of the most popular and sought-after dental practices in Queen Creek, AZ owing to the fact that we possess all three of these vital factors.

CBCT scanner

Digital imaging systems have a lot of applications in the field of dentistry. Oral scanning systems, x-ray scanners, radiography, tomography, etc. are some of the widely used imaging systems. However, with the advancements in dental science, a new type of imaging was developed that gives the dentists an infinite number of views of the patients’ oral setup. It is the Conebeam CT scanner.
A Conebeam CT scanner is, by far, the best oral imaging system available at the moment. Its name comes from the cone-shaped beam of light that it projects on the patient to accurately image the intricate details. Though it seems all complicated, it isn’t! The patient would have to just sit ideal while the scanning device revolves around their heads. The images obtained from the scans will be directly sent to a computer, which will be projected on to a screen.

What are the advantages of the CBCT scanner?

  • The images rendered by a CBCT scan can be viewed in 3D. This gives the dentist and the patient a better idea of the oral condition.
  • The image can be rotated in any direction, which virtually allows the dentist to get an infinite number of views of the oral cavity.
  • The mapping of facial and oral features is quite precise. This can be especially helpful while placing dental implants and bridges.
  • The placement of the nerve endings and blood vessels can be determined accurately. This would be of great help during oral surgeries.
  • The shape of the teeth, especially the ones that are either damaged or misshapen, can be determined. Fabricating restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays, etc. would be made easier.
  • Minute details such as wear of the teeth, jawbone deterioration, cracks on the teeth, bone spurs, cavities, etc. can be analyzed in detail.
  • Scanning the entire oral cavity can be done in under a minute.

Digital impressions

Taking an impression of the teeth prior to fabricating an oral restoration allows the dentist to understand the structure of the teeth, their alignment, damage, presence of cavities, etc. But, having to bite into a gooey substance to create an impression of the teeth can be quite disgusting for any patient. Since we like to give our patients only the best experience when they visit our practice, we have gotten rid of the old and traditional way of creating the impression of the teeth. At Matheson dentistry, we take digital impressions using a hand-held oral scanner!
It is a wand-like device that can be placed in the mouth and moved around. The patient can comfortably be seated in their chair and the dentist would handle the scanner. The device scans the teeth and almost instantly transfers the images on to a computer screen. Scanning the teeth of both the jaws and aligning them perfectly would ideally take less than a minute. It is of great help while fabricating orthodontic and restorative appliances.
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