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Patient Education-Oral Hygiene Care

Taking care of your teeth is our #1 priority, and we hope it's a priority for you too.

At Matheson Dentistry & Implant Center, we understand the significance of maintaining optimal oral health, which is why taking care of your teeth serves as our utmost priority. We firmly believe that by prioritizing your dental well-being, you are investing in a radiant smile and overall physical and emotional wellness. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to provide comprehensive dental care tailored to meet your specific needs. Through routine check-ups, preventive treatments such as cleanings and fluoride applications, and effective education on proper oral hygiene practices at home, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for long-lasting dental health. By making it a shared priority between us as dental healthcare providers and you as an individual seeking optimum oral hygiene, together, we can achieve a beautiful smile that reflects confidence and vitality in every aspect of life.

Here is how you should make your oral health your priority:

  • You should brush your teeth after every meal or snack. If your schedule does not permit this, brush after breakfast and right before going to bed. Make sure you brush for at least two minutes, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of your teeth. The important areas to concentrate on are where the gums and the teeth meet. 
  • Flossing every day helps to ensure healthy teeth for years to come. A toothbrush cannot clean between your teeth. Flossing accomplishes this. A tip to remember: Only floss the teeth that you want to keep. 

Dr. Matheson or one of his staff members can talk to you about the specifics of cleaning your teeth, including whether you may benefit from using dental hygiene aids other than a regular toothbrush and floss.

As a dentist in Queen Creek, helping you reach your optimal health is our top priority. We are committed to listening to your needs and giving you the education and resources you need to make informed decisions regarding your dental health. Our focus is to provide the highest of quality dentistry that not only makes you look your best but, more importantly, enhances your dental health and overall well-being.

We build relationships. Everyone has their own story connection and a 'real' relationship.  

At Matheson Dentistry & Implant Center, we understand the importance of building lasting relationships with each and every one of our patients. We believe that behind every smile lies a unique story and connection, which is why we strive to create genuine and meaningful connections with all those who walk through our doors. Led by the friendly, warm, compassionate, caring, and organized Dr. Matheson himself - a trusted family dentist in Queen Creek - our team fosters an environment that is not only comfortable but also knowledge-driven and professional.

Dr. Matheson's expertise extends beyond general dentistry, as he possesses advanced training in Dental Implants and Oral Surgery techniques. This additional knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive dental care tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Our goal at Matheson Dentistry goes beyond just providing exceptional oral healthcare; we aim to be more than just your dentist – we want to be your friend too! By fostering trust from day one, we aspire to build friendships founded on mutual respect and understanding between you as our patient and us as your caregivers.


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